Owner Chris W. Langer, a.k.a. Hardcore, learned how to smoke brisket 20 years ago

while living in Austin, Texas. Since then he has spent his time perfecting his recipes

for all types of true barbecue. Never one to follow the crowd, Hardcore started developing

his own rubs and spice recipes to use while smoking up some of his favorite meats, wild game,

and fish. It didn't take long for the word to spread, and soon he was making custom bacon for a local restaurant as well as customers from Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, and Texas.

About the same time, he started barbecuing for events like graduations, holiday parties, and other get-togethers for up to 100 people.

Being a complete foodie, Hardcore was also perfecting recipes for everything from his

Hardcore Fightin' Beans, to Alfredo sauce, to tacos with fresh pico de gallo, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

While famous in the Upper Midwest for the Porkfection Rub, Hardcore Smokehouse rubs and spice blends are great for all types of cooking, not just barbecue. The blends can be used no matter what you are making or how you are going to prepare it. Take a look through the Shop

to see what we offer. If you don't see something you like, contact us and we would

be happy to come up with a custom blend to satisfy your palette and preferences.